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With the constant disruption in the energy industry and markets, PXIL makes special efforts to stay ahead of the curve by designing products that are innovative and futuristic. The Exchange ensures global reach and instant access to information with fully-automated and highly secure indigenous online trading platform

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REC is a market-based instrument that signifies environment attribute of the renewable energy.


Under National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE), the scheme of Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) is a regulatory instrument to reduce specific energy consumption in energy intensive industries, with an associated market...
Integrated Day Ahead Spot

The Integrated Day Ahead Spot (IDAS) is a Collective transaction that integrates transaction for Renewable Energy (RE) alongwith Conventional energy. IDAS offers market participants to submit Orders together for transacting in RE and Conventional power in the same bidding window.
Real Time Market

The Real Time Market framework provides buyers and sellers an organised platform for energy trade closer to real time. The RTM shall be a half hourly market for delivery and there would be 48 market sessions of 15-minute duration each during even time blocks of each hour.

GTAM market allows participants to trade Renewable energy both Solar and Non-Solar for specified hours of the same day. Participants can place bids for each time block of ’15-minute duration’ or for a block of time block as required.
Intra Day Product

Intra-Day Product allows participants to trade power for specified hours of the same day and next day based on time of bid submission at the Exchange platform. It allows participants to trade power, in blocks of 15 minutes, for delivery commencing from three hours hence.
Any Day Product

Any Day Product allows participants to trade power for single or multiple days in one or more days in advance, up to 11 days. It allows the participants to deal with daily or contiguous days requirement. It provides more flexibility to the participants whose energy requirements are not uniform across the week.
Week Ahead Product

Week Ahead is a product that allows buyers and sellers to trade for delivery of power from Monday to Sunday. Members can bid for round the clock delivery or blocks of hours as defined by PXIL.
Day Ahead Contingency

DAC is a contract operated after DAS for the delivery of power for the following day.